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This is your resource for better health care product development and communication. Now I am not going to do what too many consultants do, and pretend that this is a big organisation when it isn't. Pharmavision Consulting is essentially me, but I often call in experts from among the various excellent people I have worked with over the last 35+ years.

Welcome from Les Rose

When you have a problem, wouldn't it be useful to have someone available who has seen it before? What you need is someone who has had a broadly-based career, with achievements in several areas. I don't claim to do everything, but after all this time in and around the pharmaceutical industry I have seen a lot of things! I work in two main functional areas - click below for more.

Drug pricing depends on what you think is value.

Paying for Innovation

For decades the NHS has sat on a vastly under-used resource.

NHS data to aid clinical research

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I’m running a short survey on project management abuses in drug development. I would love to hear what you think - click here.